XEXtractor Released!

So today, I released XEXtractor. Although it’s a neat and useful, albeit small utility, its development time was actually quite long.

This was due to the development time that had to be put into components of XEXtractor – chiefly NXEControls and the application install and update solution.

NXEControls is a WPF Custom Control library that HughesMDflyer4 and I collaborated on to develop. In essence, its goal was to create controls for WPF that replicate NXE, including visuals, buttons, animations and the HUD.

It took a very long time to build up a set of usable controls, simply due to how long we took in ensuring pixel-perfect accuracy as far as was reasonable and due to some of the controls’ behaviour on the 360 not having a 1:1 match with Windows, requiring some inventive solutions.

In my view, recreating the HUD was the best part of NXEControls. It’s a reasonably complicated control, yet is easy to use and extremely useful.

XEXtractor actually came well before NXEControls. It’s been functionally complete for quite a while now. It’s only when we got to the polish stage of customizing the UI did the idea for NXEControls come about. In this sense, XEXtractor is a sort of “test bed” for NXEControls.

XEXtractor is also providing the opportunity to try out a custom built from scratch application install and update solution, to see how it performs with a wide array of users and whether its feature set is complete for anything application related that I may want to change in production.

With that, XEXtractor can be automatically updated at a click of a button when available – there is no need to return to the website to download a new version or installer, everything is handled for you.

So version is out now. If you have any bugs or suggestions, feel free to email me at sgcsamdev@outlook.com and I’ll be happy to look into implementing a fix or feature in a future update.

P.S.: Yes, I really need to update my site to look and function more elegantly. When I have time, I’ll work on it and give this place a much needed face lift 😛

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