Below is a list of all available downloads for anything I’ve created. This will most likely consist of applications or small tools that I’ve written.



XEXtractor is a small utility program that can automatically extract resources and assets contained within Xbox 360 file types and containers, including XEXs, XZPs and PIRS. Using xorloser’s xextool and ffmpeg, XEXtractor is capable of extracting almost all assets and producing a standardized output.

XEXtractor was developed in conjunction with NXEControls, a WPF Custom Control library developed in collaboration between HughesMDflyer4 and SGCSam.

NXEControls was designed to recreate the UI controls and styling of the New Xbox Experience (NXE), the dashboard present on the Xbox 360 from 2008 to 2010. This includes buttons, images, animations and the Xbox Guide (HUD).

All audio and images used to create NXEControls belong to Microsoft. We do not claim ownership to any content.

HughesMDflyer4’s Website:

Installer for XEXtractor: Installer.exe



Started toward the end of 2017, Underlauncher is a game launcher for Undertale. With features such as a built-in save and music editor,  as well as a completely custom stylized UI, Underlauncher allows you to quickly and easily manage your saves, the game’s music, enable developer debug mode and more!

I do not claim to own any assets used in Underlauncher, such as images, audio and sprites. All rights of used images, audio and sprites go to Toby Fox.


Documentation: Documentation.pdf

Github Repository:

Installer for Underlauncher: Installer.exe


Super Mario Bros SFML

SMB SFML was my first year university games project. It’s a “clone” of World 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros. If you’re looking for a faithful recreation with all features, levels and game mechanics than this definitely is NOT for you. However, I figured it’d be better to at least put the project out there as a sort of “time capsule”, rather than just leave it gathering virtual dust on my hard drive.

Keep in mind this hasn’t be tested on a wide variety of machines but ideally, it should work on most modern PCs. If you encounter any sort of bugs (you most likely will) then I’ll probably not get around to fixing them for a while if at all, but feel free to contact me anyway and I’ll see what I can do.

Of course, this is fan made and is non-profit, I do not claim to own any used assets such as graphics, sprites and audio.

SMB SFML Zip File:


More Projects Coming Soon!